Parent Advocate Profile

A Parent Advocate is:

– A parent of a child/children in primary or secondary school in Australia

– Interested in learning more about Asia literacy and the relevance for their children

– Keen to support and promote Asia literacy in your school community

The commitment:

– To attend one of the scheduled one-day (9.45 – 2.45pm) workshops in your area, or participate in a webinar online

– To undertake an activity to promote Asia Literacy in your school community

– To talk with your school’s principal and teachers about your project

– To keep in touch with the Australia-wide parent network during the course of the project through reading email newsletters, participating in brief surveys and providing feedback to the project team

Examples of activities undertaken by Parents for Asia Literacy who are already involved in the project

– Talking to the Parents group at their school about the key points covered in the workshop

– Engaging with the school principal or teachers to discuss the current state of Asian engagement/languages and literacy in their school, and how they can assist

– Meeting with other parents who have participated in the project to plan how they will advocate for Asia literacy and languages

– Introduction of private language classes after school at their school with the support of the P&C committee

– Sharing information about grants to teachers and principals to increase their Asia literacy

– Sharing information about Asia literacy at Quiz nights, in parent newsletters and community publications to increase awareness and demand

What you will benefit from:

– Professional development: participation in a fully-paid professionally-delivered workshop on Asia literacy and advocacy skills

– Networking with like-minded parents -Support from the project trainers and program secretariat -Online resources, email tips and techniques

– A contribution to making a difference to enabling children in your community to benefit from Asian languages and literacy