Principles of Good Website Design

The success of a website heavily relies on the design. Web design isn’t just something designers do. It is the first interaction of a user with you and it leaves a lasting impression. It is much more critical for conversions than many people believe. You can implement any great conversion tactic, but if your web design isn’t any good, any state-of-the-art tactic won’t do you any good.

Over the past couple of years, website design central coast nsw has evolved from being just the looks of a website into more of how it works. A simple looking well-structured website with exceptional usability ranks well on search engines. So, let’s take a look at a couple of principles that’ll help you towards good web design.

Exercise simplicity

Over-designed websites are now a thing of the past. Putting too many elements on a page distracts users from your main objective. Exercising simplicity is always effective. Fresh and clean design always keep your webpage appealing but also help your users navigate around the site with ease.

Landing on a website with design elements of no purpose to you is always frustrating. Keep it as simple as you can and users will feel comfortable returning to your site time and time again.



No matter how good the visuals are of the website, the content is still the king as it provides your users with their desired information. Search engine crawlers mainly use the text on your web page for search rankings, making it an integral part of SEO.

You should ensure that the typography on your site is clean and visually appealing. If you have to target any keywords, make sure to organically include them in your content. You can also consider using fonts that are easy to read.

Lightweight and fast

Users usually don’t like websites that take a lot of time to load. They might push through it once or twice but won’t be likely to return. So, make sure to optimize the load times by compressing the images and combining the code into a single CSS or JS files, as it reduces the number of requests sent to the server.

Make it easy to navigate

Many studies show that users tend to spend more time on websites that have easy navigation. For effective and efficient navigation, you can consider creating a logical hierarchy, a kind of a flow that will feel natural to the users. Use bread crumbs to allow them to trace their steps.

You can employ the three-click-rule i.e. enabling your users to get to their required information within three clicks.

Wrapping it up

These principles are here to provide you with a strong basis for your design. Without it, the path to success can be very long and tedious.

Corporate Leadership Programs

Companies need solid and stable leadership to obtain excellent results. Leadership, as some people already know, is a quality that can be innate or acquired. Corporate leadership deals with both factors, human psychology, as well as specialised tactics.

An ideal corporate leader cannot dominate others. This clearly differentiates the true leaders from the bosses. The leader must have the potential to control a group of people fairly. It must guide its team, act responsibly and teach the necessary methods to achieve the goals of the company effectively.

In addition, it must be optimistic, show empathy and understand the needs of team members. A corporate leader, in addition to guiding others individually, must manage the actions in a group manner.

What are business leadership programs?

A true leader knows the latest trends in the industry and knows how to adapt to them to obtain positive results, encouraging teamwork at all levels. He has the ability to focus his work group under a single vision and strategy, to “orient the ship” when it is time to take a new direction.

That’s why the goal of a business leadership program is to provide meaningful experiences to a group of people focused on developing businesses, and with the talent to develop leadership skills.

What do the participants really learn?

The participants of the emotional intelligence leadership program learn to generate positive impacts on their work team and their colleagues, with the purpose of improving the work experience, having positive results and strengthening interpersonal relationships among workers with different ranks within a company.

Through activities, events, and discussions, the business leadership program enables participants to build a deep and functional experience within a specific area, while developing a broad vision of industry and business.

The business leadership program is not always easy, but it is a change in the way of seeing life, identifying the initiatives that will give value to the company and developing a strategic action plan to increase the visibility of the organisation against its competition.

Leadership is a capacity that is developed with exercise and practice, that is why business leadership programs are developed in a theoretical and practical way so that through experience, actions are generated.

The challenging business environment demands that leaders have agility and understanding in the human dynamics and the functioning of the market, so both leaders as a team cannot be left behind.

Duration of the program

Corporate programs have continuity, which could be done in periods of time between two and six months, thus generating an internalisation of learning and constant monitoring of the application in the business life of new ways of being.

Each program is designed especially for the different needs, approaches, and objectives of each company to get the most out of the information and this amazing experience will not only be useful for the company but for life in general.

Leader familiarisation with team

It is essential that the leader becomes familiar with the team, cares for them and motivates them to take the initiative in any situation. True leaders must work as a team, as well as support and respect them.

Corporate leadership consists of all the processes and possible results that lead to the development and success of the company. This includes the development of the collaborators, truthfulness, listening skills, as well as communication strategies.

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What to Look For in The Perfect Business Function Venue.

The venue you choose when you have a business function is important and will have an impact on what you are planning. There are times when people have had a failed business function because they did not make the right choice when choosing a venue. It is a good idea to invest time and effort in the process of choosing a venue. There are different things you will need to put into considerations when looking for a business function venue. The good thing is that there are many good venues out there, but you will need to do some work. Below are some things you need to look for in a perfect business function venue.


You should always consider the ease of access when choosing a venue. You need to make it easy for the people attending the function to find it and travel there. It is a good idea to choose a venue that is located close to a landmark that is well known, especially if there will be out of town guests. You should make it easy for the people attending, and this can sometimes mean making some small sacrifices. Always think about the location when making your choice.


Many venues usually provide catering services, making it a good idea to see what is being offered. The attendees should have a good selection of food, and this will range from light and healthy options to more substantial meal items, which will end up catering for all tastes. Food is important for every business function, and you must ensure that attendees will get the right food. Choosing a venue where food is a major focus such as a hotel (like Tradewinds) or restaurant will make it more likely the fare is high quality.

Parking and Transport

The attendees can either choose to use public transport or drive and park, depending on the location you have chosen. You should have a rough idea of how the attendees are going to come to the venue. If most of them will be using public transport, then you need to consider the travel time they will need to get to the venue. If they will be driving to the venue, then you need to think about parking spots. There are some venues that usually provide discounted rates for using local parking lots.

Wi-Fi and Tech Facilities

Having a good internet is important for a business function. There are some venues that provide free Wi-Fi, while there are others who will charge you for it. Considering this before booking a venue can save you a lot of money, especially if you need a live video stream or connectivity for the attendees.


You want to have a venue that is able to embody the event and reflect the image of your brand. You should look at the reputation, atmosphere, and decoration of the venue. The venue can say a lot about your event. There are some venues that will be a little more flexible with branding, making it a good idea to find out beforehand.

Choosing the right business function venue is not that hard when you use the above tips. You will be able to find the perfect business function venue.

Happy Employees

How to Quickly Build a Positive Team Culture at Work

Do you want to create a more positive environment for your employees? You may want to make sure they feel like they are included and can work together as a team without constantly having conflict that prevents them from being nearly as productive as they could be. When the environment is comfortable and welcoming and the team culture is positive, employees are willing to work even harder to reach personal goals they have set based on their daily tasks. If you are ready to improve team culture at work, you may need to start making some positive changes.

Acknowledge Employees

When you have a team of employees working hard for your business, you need to acknowledge them and give them the recognition they deserve because of all that they are doing to help your business expand and become more successful. There are different ways to give the employees the recognition they truly deserve. For example, you may want to hand out awards at the end of each month or address employees who have reached and even surpassed goals when you have meetings. If the employees know you care and appreciate what they do for you, they are going to want to continue working for you because they may not receive such positive attention and fair treatment at a different workplace.

Plan Out Team Building Activities

Encourage your employees to start getting to know one another better by planning out some helpful team building activities. The purpose of these activities is to get your team on the same page so that they are communicating properly with one another rather than experiencing conflict when they should be working on the tasks that were given to them. There are a lot of different fun team building activities to consider trying, many of which will be fun and entertaining to your employees while giving them a chance to truly share a special bond.

Work as a Leader

Even if you are the boss, you do not have to boss people around or belittle them to get them to work hard. If you are constantly talking down to your employees, they will not feel respected or appreciated and they will not want to work for you. Even if they continue to work for you, they are not going to enjoy the work they are doing because you make them feel uncomfortable.

Avoid being that kind of boss by simply being kind and caring while acting as a true leader. When you become a leader, the employees can look up to you while asking you for advice or guidance when they need it without feeling nervous or anxious about talking to you.

Build a positive team culture at your workplace by acknowledging your employees for everything they do, plan out team building activities where they can build stronger bonds and communicate better, and work as a leader rather than bossing everyone around all the time. When these changes are made in the workplace, you will see the positive impact the changes will have on all the employees.

If you want to take your game to the next level, consider hiring a professional HR consultant such as Cornerstone Consulting (http://cornerconsult.com.au/). This will allow you to focus on what you do best, and leave the HR management to an expert.

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Tips For Effectively Training Your Employees

Training your employees effectively is essential if you want your business to be successful. Fortunately, there are a number of tips that you can use which will help you create the right training programmes for your needs. When you follow these tips, you will have training sessions which leave your employees knowing what they need to do.

Have Clear Goals And Outcomes

According to WTA, before you start thinking about the actual training session, you need to set out your goals and outcomes. You need to have a clear image of what you want from the session and what your employees should know or be able to do after this. This will give you the foundation on which you build the rest of your training.

Determining goals and outcomes can be easier in some situations than others. If you are rolling out new software in your company the goal will be for your staff to know how to use it for their jobs. However, if you are looking at something less tangible like training on company values, you need to set different goals such as your employees knowing and working with these values.

Choose The Right Training

There are different training methods which can be used in a company and you need to choose the right one. Some businesses find that traditional classroom training is the best solution, but there are others that feel interactive and online training is better. To determine which training method you should use, you need to consider the subject matter.

Classroom training is ideal when your employees need to have something shown to them such as new software. Online training is ideal if the material can be handled at any pace and is primarily text-based. Policies and procedures can be understood through interactive and online training which also allows your employees to refer back to the training when they have issues.

Establish A Good Training Schedule

There are times when you need to have a one-off training session, but there are other times when you need a consistent schedule. You need to determine what your business needs and create a schedule that works. If you are going to have a one-off training session, you also need to schedule this correctly.

These kinds of training sessions should not cut into the busiest part of your employees’ day. When you do this, your employees will be more focused on the work that they are not doing than the information they are learning. You will also cause a disruption to your business operations which is something that you want to avoid at all times.

If you are providing employees with online training which is done at their pace, you need to set a deadline for the training. This will ensure that all of your employees have completed the training and know what they should be doing. If you do not set any deadlines, you could have some employees who have completed the training and others that are just ignoring it as they see no reason to complete it.